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Dangers of Parades to Texas Children: Tragic Death of 11 Year Old (Aaliyah Carter) in Beaumont Christmas Parade

By Brooks P. Lynn, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Parades are places for celebration. Parades are also places of tragedy far too often for young children who are in the parade or merely watching the parade. In a Beaumont Texas Christmas Parade, Aaliyah Carter (age 11) was killed after falling and being run over by a parade float. Aalliyah attended Homer Elementary School in Beaumont, Texas. According to parade witnesses, Aaliyah was running alongside the truck when she tripped over another girl. The driver, who apparently was not aware that the girl was in the road, ran over the girl who was crushed by the parade float wheels. Aaliyah was taken to Christus St. Elizsabeth Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival from castastrophic head wounds. You can read more about the parade accident involving Aaliyah Carter at 11 Year Old Dies in Beaumont Texas Christmas Parade.

Parade related injuries and death happen each year. People including participants in the parade are caught up in the celebration which almost always include children. From Texas to Florida and the rest of the nation, parade injuries and deaths to children are most troubling. See Parades: Injuries and Deaths to Children in Florida.

Safety, planning, and supervision of children are all key components to keeping children safe during any parade. It is most unfortunate for Aaliyah Carter and her family that a day of celebration and happiness so quickly turned into a day of tragedy and morning.

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