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Parents – What to Look For in Day Care Center?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In selecting a day care center for a child, a parent should do some research to find out information about the day care center. It is much better to do this research so that the parent is making an informed and good decision about the day care center. Price, location, and convenience cannot and should not be the only factors to be considered by a parent. There are typically many options available for parents. The best option is not always the easiest day care option for a parent. Erin Toombs wrote an excellent article titled Choosing a Day Care Center. I would recommend that parents read this article and follow some of the tips in making a decision as to a day care center. The selection of a good day care center can make a big difference for the child. The safety and education of a child in a day care center are the most important factors to consider. Day care centers should have an “open door” policy to visitors, follow state and local day care regulations, have proper staff in place, train staff on an ongoing basis, and have good facilities including playground facilities, classroom facilities, napping areas, and clean bathroom areas. Day care centers that follow policies and procedures and implement high quality standards are less likely to have children suffer serious personal injuries due to negligence or poor safety precautions.

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