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Pedestrian Safety Rules for Children Can Help Avoid Personal Injuries and Deaths

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Tragically, children are injured and die every year while crossing the street. In some instances, the injuries are caused by driver inattention or driver distraction. In other instances, the injuries are caused in part by the child’s inattention or distraction. Some times, the incident is caused by both the fault of the driver and the child. Parents, teachers, and caregivers should do their best to educate children about child pedestrian safety. USA Safe Kids has a very useful website that has a page titled Safe Kids Walk This Way. It contains a list of Child Pedestrian Safety Rules that should be reviewed with children. Simple safety precautions can help avoid serious personal injuries and deaths to children attempting to cross the street. Of course, all the care in the world cannot prevent death or injury to a child as a result of careless driving, negligent driving, or drunk driving.

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