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Pennsylvania High School Orders Shot Glasses as Prom Favors – Poor Judgment and Message for Students

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Pennsylvania and other States, underage drinking among high schoolers is a big problem. Teenagers often lack good judgment when drinking alcohol. They do not know their own limits, understand the true effects of alcohol, and do stupid things while under the influence of alcohol. At Warwick High School in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, shot glasses were ordered as prom favors. Yes, high school students drink. This is no secret; however, giving out shot glasses as prom favors really sends the wrong message. Eventually, school officials recognized the fact that this was the wrong message but somebody should have caught the order much sooner. Lesson learned. You can read more about this story at High School Ordered Shot Glasses for Prom Favors in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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