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Pine Township Pennsylvania Day Care Worker Arrested for Dealing Drugs Outside of Day Care Center

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Pennsylvania and other states, working parents rely on the good judgment and supervision of day care workers / caregivers to properly supervise their children. In Pine Township, Pennsylvania, a day care worker (Kelsey Rose Lansaw) was recently arrested, according to news reports, for dealing drugs (Marijuana) in a day care center parking lot while she was supervising children at the facility. Ms. Lansaw was employed at the Forever Young Day Care Center and was watching kids in the outside play area. Unknown to Ms. Lansaw, she made a drug deal with an undercover officer. It was reported that Ms. Lansaw planned on being an elementary school teacher. This arrest may have an impact on her ability to fulfill that career goal. You can read more about this story at Pennsylvania Day Care Worker Arrested for Selling Drugs to Undercover Officer.

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