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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Day Care Owner and Daughter Get Probation for Charges Related to Endangering Welfare of Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Pennsylvania and other States, it is important for day care owners and child care providers to consistently supervise children under their care. Just a few minutes or even seconds of inattention can lead to serious personal injuries and even the death of children. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a day care owner and her daughter were sentenced to probation for an incident in which a child under their care died. Police officers / detectives believe that a 10 month old baby in the day care center was killed by a 7 year old . It was reported that authorities believe that the 7 year old was the granddaughter of the day care owner. For some reason, the 7 year old beat the 10 month old defenseless baby and then threw the baby on the carpeted concrete floor. As a result thereof, the baby suffered a severe skull fracture. You can read more about this story at Pennsylvania Day Care Owner Gets Probation in Baby’s Death.

Day care centers should be safe havens for children and not zones of danger where they are put at risk by older children. As can be seen by this incident, even a 7 year old can be dangerous to a baby if there is a lack of adult supervision.

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