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Playground Hazards – What Parents, Teachers, Day Care Providers and Others Can Do to Help Prevent Child Personal Injuries on Playgrounds?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Playgrounds are a great place for kids to be active and spend time with families and friends. Unfortunately, some playgrounds are the sites of serious personal injuries and tragedy. Some incidents are pure accidents that could not be expected or prevented while other incidents were preventable with good supervision and proper maintenance of the playground. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 200,000 children suffer injuries from hazards in playground every year. Many children are treated in hospital emergency rooms. Some injuries are serious enough to require surgery and an extended hospital admission. There are some basic steps and safety precautions that can be taken by and for children on playgrounds that can help prevent or reduce the incidents of child personal injuries including the following:

Make sure that there is sufficient space on a playground around the equipment in case a child falls. Obstructions and hazards should be removed.

Make sure that children are not wearing jewelry or clothing that might snag or cause of choking hazard.

Make sure that playground equipment is kept in good repair including all platforms, railings, and other protective equipment.

Make sure that the equipment is not overloaded or crowded but is properly spread out.

Make sure that playground is free of debris, garbage, broken glass and other hazards.

Make sure that there is ongoing and consistent supervision during play on a playground. A child can get injured even with the newest and safest playground equipment.

Make sure that the playground equipment is free from sharp, jagged edges, or splinters or other conditions that could cause injury, lacerations, and / or cuts.

You can read more about these playground safety tips and others at Dangers of Playgrounds and Safety Tips for the Protection of Children.

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