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Playgrounds Are Great Fun For Children . . . Especially When Playgrounds Are Safe

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Playgrounds are great environments for children to have fun and get exercise. However, parents need to ensure that the playground area is safe before they allow their children to play on the equipment. According to group reports, approximately 200,000 children in the United States visit the hospital after sustaining playground-injuries. Nearly 80% of playground-injuries are the result of falls, says the National Playground Safety Institute. And about 45% of those injuries are considered severe, meaning the injuries are fractures, internal injuries, concussions or dislocations.

Here are some safety tips that can be employed to prevent playground injuries:
1. Children should always be supervised. The younger the children, the more supervision that is needed.
2. Inspect the playground equipment before allowing you children to play on it. Check for broken or protruding pieces, cracks and other open spaces and open bottles or other sharp objects around the area.
3. If the playground is crowded and prevents you from maintaining constant supervision on your child, comeback at a different time with the volume is not as heavy.
4. Teach your children not to run, shove or push others at the playground.

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