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Protecting Your Children from Personal Injuries – 12 Safety Devices

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Over 2 million children are injured each year from hazards in the home. Yes, hazards in the home. The blog / website published a very good article that outlined 12 safety devices that parents and homeowners can put in place to prevent many of these unfortunate and some times tragic incidents / injuries from taking place. See 12 Safety Devices to Protect Your Children. The safety devices mentioned were as follows:

*Safety latches and locks;

*Safety gates;

*Door knob covers and door locks;

*Anti-scald devices;

*Smoke detectors;

*Window guards and safety netting;

*Corner and edge bumpers;

*Outlet covers and outlet plates;

*Carbon monoxide detector;

*Window blind cord safety tassels;

*Door stops and door holders; and

*Cordless phones.

Many of the above devices are inexpensive and easy to install. By taking a little bit of time and money, a child’s life can be saved and personal injuries can be avoided. Parents, homeowners, schools, and day care centers should take all reasonable precautions and measures to act in the best interests of children.

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