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Recent Baby Product Recalls Prompt Stricter Regulations on Manufacturers

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently imposed new regulations on manufacturers of baby products. Industry insiders speculate that the new rules were prompted by a recent rash of baby product recalls.

The rules, which were passed unanimously, will require, among other things, that manufacturers keep track of all product owners, by giving customers a postage paid registration form with the product. The manufacturer must then keep the customer’s information on file. The Consumer Product Safety Commission passed this rule to make sure that parents can be informed of life-saving recalls as soon as possible.

In 2009 three major recalls of baby products were issued after serious injuries occurred. The defective products included an infant car seat with a defective handle, a crib that caused injuries, and a stroller that caused finger amputations. Hopefully these new regulations will help parents keep their children safe from dangerous and defective products.

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