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Safety Products for Guns – Rifle Reel, Barrel Bumper and Wrist Lanyard

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In the United States, there is a right to bear arms under the Second Amendment. With rights come responsibilities. These responsibilities include the safe use, storage and transportation of guns and fire arms. There are many companies that have produced some excellent products that make guns safety. I had the opportunity to pose some questions to Wayne Woolsey, CEO of Waynes Wicked Enterprises, Inc. based in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

How long has your company been in business? Since 2007

What products do you sell that promote gun safety? Rifle Reel, Barrel Bumper, and Wrist Lanyard

How do your products make guns more safe than guns that do not have your safety

Master instructors of the International Hunter’s Education Association, have field tested the Rifle Reel and Barrel Bumper and have given it the highest compliments and accolades for its safety factors and innovative approach. As of 2008, the IHEA is using the Rifle Reel as a teaching tool during hunter education classes to help reduce the number of accidents due to:
Un-customized fit while firearm is being transported;
Unsafe methods while hoisting firearm into elevated stands;
Dropping firearm from elevated stands;
Failure to identify target;
Foreign objects (i.e, mud, debris) in the barrel of firearm;
Sling catching on objects because of it always hanging down;
Being seen in no/low light wile transporting game and firearm out of the woods;
Keeping black powder rifles from getting moisture in barrel while carrying it in the muzzle up position; and/or
Used as visual aid for hunters to be aware of a loaded black powder rifle.

What role does the safety of children play in how you market your products? Changing the way our youth looks at hunting with a firearm is huge. I have 3 boys who hunt and they are safer now than they have ever been. If all hunters have operational procedures instead of guidelines, the sport would become safer, like aviation. I am a professional pilot and safety is vital and so is having a partner that is trained the same as yourself. I know if he is not doing something correct because of procedures and I can immediately make a correction.

What is your advice to gun owners who have children? Use a trigger lock when the firearm is not in use. Also store the ammo and clips in another locked area than the firearm. The problem is no one has developed products while using a firearm to make it safer. I have researched and as far as I can tell my products are the first firearm accessories that increases safety while using the firearm. It only takes someone a split second to pull the trigger, but what about all of the other time that the firearm is being handled. This is the crucial period of any usage of a firearm.

You can contact Wayne Woolsey and read more about these important safety products at I would like to commend Mr. Woolsey for promoting products that help make gun use safer around children.

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