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Risks of Injuries to Children During Good Weather

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


It has been said that good weather may increase a risk of injury to children. The B.C Children’s Hospital and B.C Ambulance Service have recorded a list of summer safety tips for parents and caregivers.

Good weather tends to bring about climbing and curiosity from children. Make sure to watch children around window screens. A window screen can pose a danger to climbing children. Children are susceptible to falling through window screens no matter how sturdy they seem to be. Parents should remove furniture from windows and balcony railings to prevent children from climbing atop and setting themselves at risk for injury. Parents and caretakers should install window guards on windows above ground level, or lock windows so they can only open 10 centimeters. Be aware though: children are fast learners. They may learn to unlock doors and windows at a young age.

Secondly, make sure to watch children around swimming pools and water parks. The good weather draws children to the water and they do not realize the risks of drowning at such a young age. Never leave a child unattended near the water. Be at an arm’s reach to your child when he or she is near the water. Young children and weak swimmers should be in life preservers at all times. Pools and other water parks and water ways should have a tall fence enclosing it to block children from access when you are not around. Toys should be removed from the pool area, for these may tempt children to play in the water without supervision. All children should take swimming lessons so they know how to swim in the water. Parents and caretakers should be trained in CPR and first-aid. They should have emergency equipment near the pool at all times.

Thirdly, parent and caretakers should never leave a child in a car. A child is at risk to heat stroke, and burns from hot seat belt buckles and other metal devices in the car if left in a car during the summer hot temperatures. Cars should be parked under the shade if possible to avoid metal getting too hot for children. Place a car seat cover on top of the car seat if possible as well to avoid it getting too hot. If a child gets locks inside, parents and caretakers should call 911 for immediate assistance.

Finally, good weather brings about bicycle riding. A child should not be riding on or near the road. They do not understand what road signs mean, nor do they have a high attention span to pay attention to moving cars. Children should also always be wearing a helmet, even if only riding a tricycle.

For more information on summer safety tips, see The B.C. Children’s Hospital and B.C. Ambulance Service Summer Safety Tips.

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