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Safety Is Important During Home Construction Projects – Adult and Child Injured When Roof Collapses in Murray, Utah

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Utah and other States, homeowners take on home construction projects every day. Some homeowners are very handy and able to perform the work necessary to repair homes and even add additions to the home. It is important to know how to do the work and also follow strict safety precautions when performing the work. In Murray, Utah, a roof under construction collapsed on the homeowner and a child according to local firefighters. It was reported that the trusses were set up without proper bracing. Numerous sheets of plywood were stacked on the roof. The weight shifted on the roof which, in turn, led to the collapse of the roof on top of 6 people who were eating lunch underneath. Medical care was required for a man and a boy. While there were no critical injuries reported, this incident could have lead to serious injuries and even deaths to those in or near the home. Safety precautions are vital when performing home improvement projects. In many cases, it makes more sense from a safety standpoint to hire a certified contractor to oversee the work so that incidents like this roof collapse do not happen. You can read more about this story at Murray, Utah Roof Collapse Leads to Personal Injuries.

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