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Lewiston-Porter (New York) High School Students Suspended for Hazing

By Steven Smith, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In New York, high school students from Lewiston Porter High School were suspended for being involved in a hazing incident involving raw meat. The incident involved players from the soccer team who threw raw meat and other food items at new players on the team. The ritual also involved putting eggs and flour on the new players. The suspension were for a few days.

Some may argue that this food incident was “harmless fun”. Others will point out that it is a form of “hazing” since it involved demeaning acts. Any incident that involves the humiliation of a student should be banned and these acts should be punished. Furthermore, hazing incidents often times do lead to serious personal injuries and deaths. What if one of the new soccer players suffered an eye injury from the shell of an egg or by the flying meat? The bad acts should not be excused just because there were no physical injuries.

Children should be able to participate in high school sports without humiliation or hazing. Making the team should be based on school policy and procedure only rather than the additional requirement of student hazing. You can read about this article at Students Suspended Over Hazing Incident in New York.

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