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Scald Injuries / Burn Injuries to Children – Risks and Causes

By David Wolf, Attorney Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Scalding injuries continue to take place every year. These injuries can have a life time injuries – physically, emotionally and appearance – for a child. It is estimated that about one million Americans suffer burn related injuries on an annual basis. Over three thousand people die every year from burn related injuries. For children, it has been reported that the primary mechanism of a burn injury is from scalding water. Tragically, many of these children suffer significant personal injuries and some even die as a result of the injuries.

In some instances, the negligence or fault of a third party, school, day care center, or even a relative can form the basis of a legal claim or lawsuit for the injuries to the child. A Florida Personal Injury Lawyer can help advise the family of the rights of the injured child and what remedies are available under Florida law for the injuries.

Scalding water injuries can take place in a very quick manner. Hot water scalding injuries in some instances can cause injury after just one second of contact with the water. Injuries take place in the bathroom / bath tub / shower. In addition, many injuries take place in the kitchen from water boiling on a stove or hot food items coming out of an oven or a microwave.

It is vital that day care providers, school staff, parents, babysitters, and other child care providers use their best efforts to prevent burn related / scalding related injuries to children. Tragically, many scalding injuries are part of abusive punishment by a caregiver. Children are at significant risks for serious personal injuries when a caregiver uses scalding water as a form of punishment or discipline on a child. The tradition or past use of these technique of child rearing / punishment does not in any way justify its use. See Scald Injuries in the Pediatric Patient for More Information on this Topic.

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