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School Aged Bullying Goes Well Beyond the Playground – Problems of Online and Mobile Phone Bullying

By Jonathan Safran, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Years ago in Wisconsin and other States, school aged bullying mainly consisted of bullying on the playground, hallways, and classroom. These days, the concept of school aged bullying has extended well past the walls of the school and the fields of the playgrounds. Children and teens are now using mobile phones, text messaging, Facebook, and other avenues on the Internet to bully and harass other children and teens. Some bullying incidents have even lead to suicides by some children / teens who became overwhelmed by the harassment and bullying. Parents and teachers should use their best efforts to try to prevent these bullying tactics. Children and teens should be held accountable and should be called out when they bully in person, via mobile phone or by the internet. You can read more about this topic at Milwaukee – Wisconsin Journal Sentinel – Bullying Extends Well Beyond School Walls.

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