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School Bus Cameras Can Catch Drivers Violating Traffic Laws – Obey the Laws Near School Buses

By Stephanie F. Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Most school buses are readily definable. They are yellow with big bold letters – SCHOOL BUS. Despite the bright color and large lettering, many drivers still tend to ignore school buses when they stop and zip by them. In Cobb County, Georgia, the school district has installed cameras on school buses. If you zip by a school bus in Cobb County and violate traffic laws, you could get caught and could be fined. The fact that you could get a big fine is a deterrent. A bigger deterrent to drivers should be the fact that violating traffic laws near school buses puts children at risk in Cobb County, Georgia and other parts of the United States. Slow down and stop when required near school buses. Tragically, children die every year at school bus stops and crossings every year. Taking a few extra seconds or minutes to get to where you are going can help save a child from serious personal injuries and death. You can read more about the cameras installed on Cobb County, Georgia School Buses at Pass a Georgia School Bus? A Camera May Catch You.

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