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Should Day Care Centers Use GPS, Mobile Phone, and Video Technology to Communicate with Parents?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Should day care centers use GPS and video technology to communicate with parents? While there are some who would argue that we are overly tethered to our technology, most parents and the general public would probably favor technology in day care centers that help promote safety, oversight, and communication with parents. We live in a world filled with single moms, single dads, two income families, and other circumstances that require the use of a day care center. While most parents would rather spend the day with their children rather than at work, economic necessity and practicality come into play when selecting a day care center. The burden and stress relating to the use of day care centers can be lessened to some extent through technology, oversight, and accountability. Some day care centers are embracing and using new technology with great enthusiasm. Furthermore, these day care centers can use the availability and use of technology as a “sales pitch” of sorts to parents considering a day care center. For instance, a parent can get text alerts and photo alerts from some day care centers providing a status of the child’s condition and activity during the day. Some may believe that getting a text every time a diaper is changed is micro managing but it is better to micro manage than to have a child forgotten and in a wet or soiled diaper during the day. Most day care centers do a fine job with the children and supervise the children in a safe and clean environment. For these day care facilities, the use and employment of cameras, mobile phones, and GPS technology merely help broadcast the quality care and attention that is being provided. For other day care centers, however, the use of this technology may bring to light problems and issues that can be resolved so that the child is provided the appropriate and timely care and attention that the child deserves. See Child Care Technology and Apps in Day Care Centers in Minnesota.

If a child is injured in a day care center, it would be extremely helpful to have a video of the incident. A video may provide the necessary information to determine if the injuries were preventable with better care and supervision OR just part of the risks of being in a day care center. In many instances in which a child is injured in a Minnesota day care center, there are videos. Because of this, the facts, circumstances, and preventability of the incident must be determined from eyewitnesses, teacher, students, incident reports, type and severity of injuries, and other factors and information.

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