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Simple But Important Advice – Never Shake a Baby – Dangers and Injuries Caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Parents, caregivers, day care providers, teachers, babysitters, siblings, and other should pay attention to some simple but important advice – NEVER EVER SHAKEN A BABY. Babies and infants are very fragile. There brains and skulls are still developing. A person would not typically throw a television or glass to the floor. As such, why shake a baby? A television or glass can be replaced. A baby’s brain function, health, and welfare are not as easily fixed or replaced. Severe medical complications can and do result from Shaken Baby Syndrome. You can read more about this topic at Never, Never Shake a Baby. See also Shaken Baby Syndrome – Texas Man Alleged to Have Caused Injuries to Child.

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