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South Carolina Day Care Uses Technology and Video Cameras – Importance of Monitoring Children in Child Care Settings

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Due to an increasing awareness and concern about a child safety at day care centers, Kendra’s law has been on the books in South Carolina since August 2010. A consequence of the law is that people are starting to pay more attention to what goes on into child care centers. The law seems to come at a perfect time. The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data reported more than 1700 child deaths were reported in 2007. Some day care centers in South Carolina are easing parents mind by installing new technology in the facilities. Essential Childcare has placed cameras all throughout the center allowing parents to watch their children from a secure website or mobile device. The center has made the process of pick-up and drop-off digital as well. The only people who can pick up a child must be registered in the system ahead of time. A person picking up a child at Essential Childcare will have to be registered in the system ahead of time, touch his/her finger to a machine, and then input a code to unlock the doors. The new technology developments are the result of putting safety at the forefront of child care. For more please read South Carolina child care center implements technology for increasing child safety.

Allowing parents to oversee the care provided to their children will not only increase trust in child care centers and its employees but the children will benefit significantly. The heightened security in the drop-off and pick-up processes will decrease child abduction and video cameras will allow parents to bring something to a day care providers attention that may have otherwise been missed.

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