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South Carolina Parents and Child Safety Experts Urge Children to Wear Bicycle Helmets

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A South Carolina girl suffered severe head injuries following a bicycle accident. Unfortunately, she was not wearing a bicycle helmet at the time of the injury. Skyy Nesbitt of Wellford, South Carolina fell off her bicycle and was then taken to Greenville Memorial Hospital Skyy is in a coma from these injuries

Skyy’s parents and child safety experts are urging other parents and caregivers to make sure that children under their care wear helmets while riding a bicycle, skateboard, or other similar activities. The National Safe Kids Campaign estimates that head injuries can be reduced by over 80 % with proper use of helmets. According to studies. only 41 percent of children were observed wearing helmets in wheeled sports like biking.

Parents should require their children to wear helmets. Hopefully, children will learn that a helmet must be worn at all times and put on a helmet without even questioning the parent on the matter. Children can develop good habits or bad habits. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that there children consistently follow the rule – “At all times, I must wear a helmet when biking or participating in other wheeled sports.”

I commend Skyy’s parents for stepping forward to urge others to use helmets. You can read more about Skyy and the importance of wearing a helmet at South Carolina Parents Push for Bicycle Safety After Accident Causing Head Injuries to Daughter.

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