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Strollers – Common Mechanism or Cause of Injury – Safety Tips

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A study reported in the Pediatric Emergency Care Journal has reported that strollers are a common mechanism or cause of injury to children. Many injuries to children during stroller use or stroller occupation can be avoided by some basic safety measures and supervision including the following:

*Safety Belts or Seat Belts. Most strollers are equipped with a safety belt or harness. No matter how short or long the trip- use this most important safety device at all times.

*Stroller Brakes. By consistently using or applying brakes when stopped, many injuries can be avoided. The application of the brake will reduce or prevent incidents in which strollers roll or crash into objects when left unattended.

*Lock Stroller Parts into Place. Many strollers collapse or convert into more compact objects. Like an umbrella, make sure that each part snaps into place. By paying close attention to this safety measure, parents can avoid or prevent incidents when strollers unexpectedly collapse during use. This, in turn, prevent the incidents of personal injuries to children.

*Do Not Attach Bags or Backpacks to Strollers. Many strollers tip from having heavy bags or backpacks attached to the handle part of the strollers.

You can read more safety tips for strollers at the Stroller Strides website.

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