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Average Costs of Alabama Day Care – Factors to Consider in Selecting a Day Care Center

By Scott Soutullo, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Alabama, parents must considering various factors in selecting a day care center. These factors include: costs, location, staffing, size, programs, credentials of staff, licensing, insurance, history of the facility, and hours of operation. The the Press Register recently reported that the average cost of full time day care for infants in the State was $5,460. Parents, of course, should consider much more than the cost of the day care when selecting a facility. Prior to enrolling a child in a day care facility, a parent should inspect the facility, interview staff members, speak to other parents, review the licensing information and prior inspections, and contact the Alabama Department of Human Resources. It was reported that the Alabama Department of Human Resources licenses approximately half of the state’s day care centers.

Many parents find out about problems at a facility only after a child has suffered personal injuries and tragically in some cases death. Hopefully, a careful screening by a parent will avoid placement in a facility that lacks the supervision and safety measures that are necessary and vital for the health and welfare of Alabama’s young children.

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