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Swimming Pools at Foreclosed Homes Can Be Dangerous and Deadly to Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Indiana and other States, foreclosed homes are increasing in number every day. Some foreclosed homes have swimming pools. During and after the foreclosure process, swimming pools often times are not properly maintained or secured by those owning and / or controlling the property whether it is the foreclosed upon owners, banks, or mortgage companies. Children see swimming pools, whether or not the pools are maintained, supervised, or secured, as places of adventures. Unfortunately, children do not recognize the dangers of pools and suffer personal injuries and deaths when they use pools with no supervision. In Avon, Indiana, Sheyenne Jenkins, a 5 year old daughter of Secrena Erwin, wandered into a neighborhood pool and drowned. The home and pool were abandoned. Unfortunately, the pool was still filled with water. While the pool had a cover, neither the cover nor the pool were properly maintained or secured to keep young children from wandering into the pool area and the pool itself. Sheyenne fell into the pool and drowned. The tragic events leading to Sheyenne Jenkins’ death shows the dangers of swimming pools of foreclosed or abandoned homes. Banks, mortgage companies, and investors in control of abandoned homes have a duty to secure the area and maintain barriers and fencing according to applicable State and local laws. You can read more about this story at Foreclosed Homes (Swimming Pools) Are Dangerous to Children.

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