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Facts and Safety Tips Around Swimming Pools and Other Areas of Water

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Ohio and other States, summer time is a great time to be outdoors and enjoy the warm weather. People of all ages enjoy swimming and playing around and in swimming pools, lakes, rivers, canals, and other water ways. When children are around water, there is always the danger of drowning. This danger applies to infants, toddlers, school aged children, and even adults who are not strong swimmers. In a matter of minutes, a person’s life can be forever changed or even ended by death due to drowning in any kind of body of water, pool, or play area – ranging from a kiddie pool to a large water way.

Wendy Pomerantz, M.D. is an emergency room physician based at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Ohio) and is very aware of the dangers and injuries related to drowning incidents in Ohio and other parts of the United States. Dr. Pomerantz notes that any child is at risks for drowning related injuries and deaths who is around or near water.

There was a recent story that reported that an infant died as a result of a drowning in a mop bucket at a day care center. As noted by Dr. Pomerantz, a child can drown in a toilet, fountain, bucket, bath tub, and other areas that hold even a small amount of water. Supervision is the key to prevention. Safety precautions to either eliminate, restrict, and / or secure the area containing water are also keys to prevention. You can read more about the dangers of drownings to children and safety tips to prevent drownings at Facts and Safety Tips Around Swimming Pools and Other Areas of Water.

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