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Tacoma Washington Monster Truck Show Kills 6 Year Old Boy – Sebastian Hizey of Puyallup – What Safety Precautions Were in Place? Duties and Responsibilities.

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Tacoma, Washington, a 6 year old boy -Sebastian Hizey – died when parts from a red monster truck came flying into the stand and hit the little boy. Another spectator was injured as well. The monster truck was spinning around doing donuts when parts flew 30 to 50 feet beyond and over safety barriers into the stands.

The boy’s father, Jessie Hizey, was interviewed by the press and stated that a Frisbee sized piece of metal came flying into the stands and hit his son. Tragically, the hold incident unfolded right before the eyes of Sebastian’s father.

There are other monster truck shows that are scheduled for the Tacoma Dome that will be going forward with the events. The promoter of the event, Feld Motor Sports, promised more inspections of trucks in monster truck shows and stated that the truck involved in the incident would be withdrawn.

Safety precautions are important for any monster truck show. Barrier should be erected to provide a shield and safe distance for spectators like the Hizey family. Furthermore, there should be a safety inspection and checklist for every truck entering the event. Questions arise from this incident as to what safety precautions were taken as to the red monster truck and others that were involved in the monster truck show. In particular it would be helpful to know the following:

Who owned the red monster truck involved in the incident?

What modifications were made to the red monster truck?

What repairs were made to the red monster truck over the past year?

What inspections were completed or required by Feld Motor Sports and / or the Tacoma Dome?

Many events print a disclaimer or release on the ticket as to injuries taking place at public events like monster truck shows. Some courts have upheld such releases or disclaimers and many courts have stricken such disclaimers or releases as against public policy. This is especially true when dealing with injuries to innocent children.

In addition to police and authorities charged with the responsibility to conduct an investigation into this death, the family has the right to retain its own attorney / lawyer as well as its own investigators including engineers, mechanics, and accident reconstruction investigator to conduct an private investigation into this matter.

You can read more about this story at 6 Year Old Boy Dies as Monster Truck Event in Tacoma, Washington.

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