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By David Wolf, Attorney and Samantha Vloedman, Law Clerk

Published by Child Injury Lawyer Blog

cal-icons2-201408-232In Tennessee and other States, children are at risk for serious injuries and even death anytime that they cross a street or are playing near a street.  Some children even get hit by a vehicle in a driveway or parking lot.

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By David Wolf, Attorney

Published by the Child Injury Lawyer Blog

Accident Report - UrgentStrange as it sounds, children enrolled in day care centers throughout the nation are at risk for personal injuries from cars, trucks, or motorcycles crashing into a day care center.  That’s right, there are news reports for this type of incident happening in day care centers in most states.  Many day care centers are located off of busy streets.  For some, automobile accidents are a common event.  It may be just a matter of time for some day care centers before a vehicle crashes into the facility.  Does the day care center have a duty to put up crash barriers in high traffic areas?  That is an excellent question.   When dealing with a day care center or any business liability issue for that matter, it is important to review the applicable laws, rules and regulations.  Furthermore, the liability of a day care center or a business is judged or evaluated on what is reasonable and practical under the circumstances.   For may crashes into day care centers, the incident or event is quite surprising to the day care owners, children, and parents.  Certainly, if there was negligent driving in the form of excessive speed, distracted driving, or failing to to obey traffic regulations, a case or claim can be pursued against the operator / driver of the car, trucking, or motorcycle.   Insurance can be a big problem these matters. Hopefully the at-fault driver obtained decent insurance that will cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and the damages related to the crash into the day care center.
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