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By  Keith Kerfeld, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney

Day Care Center Sleep and Nap TimeParents rely on the day care centers and child care centers for the supervision of their children.  There are some obvious risks that need to be accounted for in and around the day care center.  For instance, if the day care center is in a busy commercial area, children should be closely monitored to prevent a child from wandering out the door or wandering out of the fenced area and into traffic.  Wandering into traffic is an obvious danger.   A not so obvious danger involves sleep or nap time. One would think that the safest place for a child at day care center would be the crib or the sleeping area.  One would think that a child could not possibly be harmed while engaged in the relaxing slumber of a good sleep or a good nap.  However, this is the very time and place in which many children are harmed especially toddlers and newborns when the sleep area is unsafe for the age or size of the child AND / OR when the sleep or nap time supervision is lacking or dangerously non-existent.   Most states in the day care and child care regulations set forth rules, guidelines, and regulations for sleep time / nap time related responsibilities of the day care center. One such state is Minnesota.
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