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COVID-19-Red-ImageUnfortunately and tragically, Putnam County, Florida made headlines  due to the reported death of a 9 year old from COVID-19.  The symptoms that can develop from COVID-19 range from no symptoms to death.  This is certainly a broad range of symptoms and risks.  Many people incorrectly believe that children are either immune from the symptoms or major symptoms of COVID-19.  Other believe that only people with significant medical issues with the majority of those people being older adults are the only ones at true risk in the COVID-19 that we, as Floridians, are currently dealing with.
Kimberly Lynum was reported as Florida’s youngest Coronavirus victim since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  For those of you who still believe that COVID-19 is no different than the common flu, remember Kimberly’s name, age, and medical history.  According to family members, Kimberly did not have any pre-existing conditions that would put her at a higher risk that any other person whether that person is a child or an adult.  Kimberly was just 9 years old.
By this time, thousands upon thousands of people have died from COVID-19 and millions have been affected either by having COVID-19 or by having a family member or friend deal with the symptoms, complications, and well founded fears / anxiety brought on by COVID-19.
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