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By David A. Wolf
Child Injury Lawyer Blog
Justice Red White and BlueWorking parents do their best to support the family.  In doing so, working families need the services of day care centers.  Most day care centers are well run by caring individuals.  However, there are many day care incidents and wrongful death incidents out there that do and should cause concern for all working parents which children enrolled in a day care center.  When a child dies, there are in many instances more questions than answers and sensible explanations for the death of the child.  It should be made clear that an infant and toddler at a day care center need supervision at all times including sleep and nap time.  When a child mysteriously dies at a day care center, there is typically an investigation by local law enforcement and the social service agency that licenses day care centers.  An autopsy should be performed to help determine the cause and preventability of the death of the child.
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By David Wolf, Attorney

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Child Care Note Or Message As Reminder For Kids Daycare

In Georgia and other states, day care centers provide working parents with an ability to fulfill work responsibilities and place their children in an environment that is supposedly safe and operated by trained staff members.  When caring for infants, toddlers, and small children, there are risks of injury with everyday activities of daily living like feeding time, play time, and, yes, even nap or sleep time. A high chair can pose a risk of injury to a child if the child is not properly strapped in AND supervised in a consistent manner by the day care center staff.

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