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By David A. Wolf, Attorney

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Legal Rights - Drowning Case.001Summer time is filled with lots of fun and activities including visits to swimming pools and field trips.  During the summer, there is nothing more fun for children at times than splashing around and swimming with friends. However, it should always be kept top of mind for day care center providers, child care providers, summer camp counselors, water safety personnel, and lifeguards that swimming pools and aquatic areas can be extremely dangerous for children.  Whenever there is a field trip by a summer camp or day care center to a water park, aquatic area, swimming pool, theme park, or amusement park, it is vital that supervision be in place at ALL TIMES.  That statement should be repeated and emphasized – SUPERVISION SHOULD BE IN PLACE AT ALL TIMES.  It should also be noted that supervision is not the mere presence of a counselor, teacher, or care provider.  It also means being attentive to the location, whereabout, needs, abilities, risks, and dangers of each child.   Mobile phones are great devices; however, they also can be toys that lead to serious personal injuries and drowning incidents for children.  Just one text me, e-mail, or so called funny video can some times spell the difference between life and death for a child who ends up drowning at a swimming or aquatic area while on a visit or a field trip.
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