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 By David Wolf, AttorneyPublished by Child Injury Lawyer Blog

Building Block - M - Day Care Center

In day care centers located in South Carolina and throughout the Nation, there is a common danger that many parents and day care center providers do not understand and even ignore.  The common danger to children is present during nap time or sleep time.  There is a risk of suffocation, asphyxiation, and SIDS related injuries and deaths during sleep time or nap time.   Many child care providers and day care center providers swaddle newborns and infants in day care centers. Swaddling is the practice of wrapping an infant in blankets snuggly so that movement is limited.
Pediatric experts have mixed opinions as to the safety of swaddling in the home and day care center.  Many experts warn against the use of swaddling that there is a potential increased risk of suffocation, asphyxiation, and SIDS related injuries that may be associated with swaddling according to some reports and studies.  Some pediatricians and child care providers are proponents of the practice because it tends to calm infants and allows them to sleep for longer periods of time.  Again, others are against the practice of swaddling due to potential health and safety risks. 
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