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by David A. Wolf, Attorney – Child Injury Lawyer Blog
Amusement Park.001In Kansas and throughout the United States, adults, children, and families visit theme parks, amusement parks, and water parks. For most guests and visitors, the days and nights are filled with fun, adventure, laughter, and good times. Unfortunate for some children and adults, the theme park, amusement park, or water park is the site of a catastrophic personal injury or death.  When a business operates or manages a recreation areas, there is a duty to keep the grounds, rides, and attractions in good repair and to have attentive ride operators, supervisors, and lifeguards in place for the safety and protection of the guests and visitors especially children.  Theme parks, amusement parks, and water parks invite and market to families and children. As such, all safety measures should be set up for the protection of the smaller and younger guest in the form of children.   Like other types of personal injury cases or claims there are four essential elements to pursue a civil case or claim on behalf of the injury victim as follows:
  1. Duty;
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