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Teen Dies from Being Stomped to Death at a Party – Legal Rights and Responsibilties

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Bobby Maurice Tillman tragically died from injuries related to a senseless beating that took place near a home where a party was being held. The Douglas County County Coroner reported that Bobby died as a result of a lacerated heart that was directly related to the beating injuries. It was reported that Bobby was attacked by four individuals. Standing at only 5 Feet 6 Inches tall and only weighing 125 pounds, Bobby had no way to defend himself from these criminal and viscous acts of others.

The four alleged attackers face felony murder charges for their role in the death of 18 year old Tillman. Each defendant will be entitled to the services of a public defender or the services of a Georgia criminal defense attorney for these serious criminal charges. See Teen Beaten at Party Dies from Lacerated Heart.

It was reported that no drugs or alcohol was observed at the scene by law enforcement. The parents of Tillman could pursue a civil case against these individuals for the death of Bobby but this would do nothing to bring Bobby back to them. Any monetary judgment through a civil action may be uncollectible from a practical standpoint if the individuals own no assets to levy in satisfaction of the judgment. Beyond the individuals involved, there may be liability on the part of the homeowner who hosted the party if there was an indication or some kind of foreseeability that the incident was going to take place and no action was taken to protect Bobby or other guests involved.

Violent acts like the ones that were committed against Bobby Maurice Tillman are quite disturbing. Parents cannot stand by their children every waking moment of the day. We do our best to protect our children and raise them with expectations that they will live a long and fulfilling life. It is a shame that deaths like this continue to take place in our society.

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