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Teenage Babysitter Could be Tried as an Adult for Burning Children with Hot Curtain Rod

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Nashville, Tennessee, a 17 year old girl could be tried as an adult for burning a 1 year old and a 3 year old with a hot curtain rod. While babysitting these children, the teen burned the children because they were crying. Crystal Neal and Henry House, Sr., the children’s parents, left their children (Anthony and Henry House) at home with a babysitter and a friend. Apparently, there were no prior problems with the babysitter.

It is really mind boggling that a teen or any person for that matter would think that burning a child with a hot curtain iron was a good way to discipline or supervise small children. Maybe the babysitter was abused. Maybe she learned this tactic from someone else. Regardless, child should not be disciplined in this manner. This should never happen and the babysitter should be prosecuted for this crime. Yes, it is a crime even though the injuries have faded.

Parents should not have to tell babysitters, “Listen, while I am gone, do not burn or hit my child.” This is just common sense; however, it appears that some babysitters do not get it and need basic instruction like, “if there are any problems call me, we do not hit or punish our children and you certainly should not while we are out.”

It is a shame that small children are victimized by ignorant, immature, and untrained babysitters as well as day care workers, child care workers, and others. You can read more about this article at Nashville, Tennessee Babysitter Who Burned Children Could Be Tried as an Adult.

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