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Three Drownings Reported in New York – Dangers to Swimmers from Children to Adults

By Steven Smith, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Swimming accidents left three people dead, as a result of drowning, across the State of New York on Saturday, July 3. Fajir Javid, 9, of New York City had been camping at the Willington Lake Campground in Willington, New York with her family, other children and adults involved in a scouting organization. Javid was swimming with adults and other children when one of them noticed her missing. Adults immediately began searching for Javid while others called police. About 45 minutes after the Willington Fire Department and emergency divers arrived, Javid was found. Javid was located in about 10 feet of water, 25-30 feet off shore. The girl was taken to Johnson Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Ursula Lerse, 85, a resident of New Milford, New York, drowned while swimming in Candlewood Lake. Lerse was found by a firefighter about 20 feet from shore. Juan C. Lopez of Jamaica, New York drowned while swimming at Bull’s Bridge. You can read more about this at 3 New York residents drown over holiday weekend.

These deaths are unfortunate for the families and the communities of the drowning victims. Summer time is in full effect and more people are frequenting community pools or area beaches, rivers, or lakes. Although water activities are fun, they are also inherently dangerous. Not only should children be careful while swimming, but adults needs to appreciate the dangers as well. Regardless of distractions, parents or caretakers should always watch their children. Adults need to take precautions as well – although adults may be experienced swimmers, they too can be overtaken by fatigue or rough currents. You can read some suggested safety tips at Water Safety Tips for Kids and Parents.

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