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Tips for Picking out the Right Summer Camp for your Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

Many parents dread the first day of summer almost as much as their children look forward to it. What to do with antsy kids for three months over the summer? Now is the time to start thinking about summer camp. The good ones fill up their rosters quickly. The following are some tips for narrowing down your choices.

1. Talk to your children: Find out from them what kind of camp they would be interested in attending so they can get the most out of it.
2. Stay organized: Once you know what type of camp you are looking for, make a list of available options. Keeping all the details in a neat list will help make the decision process easier.
3. Watch the budget: Make sure to pick a camp that is in a comfortable price range for you. Some camps offer financial assistance, so be sure to ask.
4. Day camp or Sleep-away? Before deciding, honestly assess whether your child is mature enough to handle a sleep-away camp, or if a day camp would be a better choice.
5. Make it work for your schedule: Make sure the pick-up and drop off times work with your work schedule. Finding other parents who can share carpooling duty can help as well.
6. Talk to the director: Getting a feel for the philosophy of the camp is important. Ask to speak to the director and find out what the camp values are.
7. Check into the staff; While you have the director on the phone, find out how they screen and train counselors and arrange to meet with them if it will make you feel more comfortable.
8. Ask about medical services: Many camps require staff to be trained in CPR and first aid, but don’t assume – ask.

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