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Toys Can and Do Cause Eye Injuries – Advice by the Georgia Optometric Association

By Stephanie F. Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Toys can and do cause eye injuries every year. During the holiday season, a Christmas Story has become a classic. It is a movie about a boy named Ralphie who has a wish to get a special BB gun for Christmas. He wish comes true and he goes into the back yard to shot the gun. Sure enough, when he finally gets to use his gun, he suffers a minor eye injury. It was scary for Ralphie. He cried and ran to his mother. While the movie, The Christmas Story, is a warm hearted comedy, there is a serious problem and danger with toy related eye injuries. The Georgia Optometric Association posted a helpful article at the The Daily Citizen (Northwest Georgia) Website. Parents, child care providers, and teachers should use their best efforts to prevent eye injuries from occurring. In doing so, dangerous toys should be removed and close supervision should be provided to make sure that accidental injuries do not otherwise take place from common items like pencils, pens, sticks, sharp objects, and other items or toys.

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