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Trenton, New Jersey – Criminal Charges Filed Against Day Care Workers for Leaving 2 Year Old (Ty’on Moore) in Van for 5 Hours

By Robert Fernicola, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Trenton, New Jersey, criminal charges were filed against the driver of the transport van employed with Roselle-based On Time Transport Inc. and a day care center worker employed with Pediatric Day Health Center. The incident was very problematic in that the child had serious health conditions that put the child at significant risk for serious personal injuries. The child, Ty’on Moore, was enrolled as a student at the Pediatric Day Health Center. Ty’on was left in a van in front of the day care center for about 5 hours. Ty’on has medical problems including chronic asthma and seizures. The family was very relieved, after Ty’on was evaluated and treated at a local hospital, that more serious complications did not result from such neglect. Police reported that Ty’on was visibly dazed as a result of the incident and possible medical complications from the 5 hour stay in the van.

Negligent cases involving a child left on a day care van, bus, or other vehicle continue to be reported. These cases are especially problematic and even fatal during hot spring and summer months. Day care centers should have a written policy and procedure in place that should be closely followed so that no child is left behind or forgotten on a day care center vehicle. You can read more about this New Jersey Child Injury Incident at 2 Charged for Leaving 2 Year Old in Day Care Center Van.

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