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Two Children Injured in Arizona Bounce House – Legal Rights of Injured Children and Legal Responsibilities of Bounce House Owner / Operator

By Sara J. Powell, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Arizona and other States, children enjoy playing in bounce houses and jumping castles. Unfortunately, on some occasions, children suffer serious personal injuries while jumping in or just occupying a bounce house. In Pima County, Arizona, a terrible incident was reported in which a bounce house described as a jumping castle was lifted 15 feet in the air by a dust devil and blew the inflatable structure across three lanes of traffic before landing on the ground. The Tuscon Arizona Fire Department responded to the scene of the accident. It was reported that a boy and a girl were inside the bounce house at the time of the incident and suffered serious personal injuries.

There may be liability for the injuries suffered by these children depending on the additional facts that may be obtained from the police department, fire department, and / or investigators who review the scene or the information regarding the incident. The following issues should be reviewed:

What kind of anchoring was used for the bounce house?

What kind of anchoring was recommended by the manufacturer?

How well was the bounce house and anchoring equipment maintained?

What did the weather forecast call for at the time of the incident?

What kind of warning or notice was available as to the weather?

What kind of supervision was provided for the children in the bounce house?

Was the incident avoidable?

Were additional anchoring techniques or tools available to make the inflatable structure more secure?

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