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University of Georgia Student – Stopped at Stop Sign and Passed Out Drunk

By Stephanie F. Brown and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Athens, Georgia, a University of Georgia college student took partying just little bit too far. She went to a party, got drunk and then did something stupid – like getting behind the wheel of a car. She drove to a stop sign and stopped. She was following the traffic sign but when she stopped – she passed out. Undoubtedly, this college student put her life and the lives of other college students, adults, and children at risk by driving her car in such a condition. There is a high risk of injury and death to driver, passengers, and others when drunk drivers are on the road. Being in college and having a good time is no excuse at all for such conduct. You can read about this story at Drunk University of Georgia Co-Ed Passes Out at Stop Sign.

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