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U.S. Man (Jared Yaffe) Accused of Child Pornography and Sexual Assault Charges Arrested in Brazil


The United States – State Department has reported that Jared Yaffe has been arrested in Brazil and has been returned to the United States. Jared Yaffe is charged with 17 counts of sexual assault and kidnapping. If convicted, Mr. Yaffe could be sentenced to 100 years in prison. Mr. Jaffe is charged with serious and most disturbing crimes where he ran a child pornography ring. He would line up baby sitters who brought him children who he subsequently molested. Authorities conducted an international investigation and search for Mr. Jaffe. Mr. Jaffe’s luck eventually ran out and he will now face charges in the United States. You can read more about this story at U.S. Man Accused in Child Molestation Ring Captured in Brazil.

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