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My Space Sexual Predator and Child Molester (Joshua David Threlkeld) Posted as 14 Year Old and Photographer to Lure Teens for Sex

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


My Space and other social networking web sites can be quite dangerous. Predators like Joshua David Threlkeld use the technology of My Space and the internet to lure teens for nude photographs and sex. Mr. Threlkeld created a profile online as Sarah – a 14 year girl named “Sarah”. “Sarah” gained the trust of other teen girls and told them that a photographer could meet them to take modeling photographs. Many teen girls were interested, posed nude, and had sex with Mr. Threlkeld. Fortunately, a concerned parent stepped forward to report the situation to police. An investigation was initiated and Mr. Threlkeld was identified and arrested. It appears that there is a pile of evidence against Mr. Threlkeld. His computer and other evidence was obtained through a search warrant of his home.

In various counties / cities in California including Orange, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Riverside, at least 10 teen victims have been identified. Investigators suspect that there may be up to 100 victims of Mr. Threlkeld.

Parents and teens alike should take notice of stories like this because there are thousands upon thousands of predators like Joshua David Threlkeld out there. You can read more about this story at My Space Sexual Predator May Have Assaulted / Molested 100 Victims.

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