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Utah Boy Undergoes Procedure to Have Parts of Feet Amputated – Mother and Stepfather Arrested

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Utah and other States, parents have a duty to provide shelter, food, and proper supervision of their children. In addition, parents have a duty to make sure that a child gets a proper education and medical care as well. In Vernal, Utah, KSL NBC TV 5 reported that a 7 year old boy had toe / foot injuries that did not get timely medical care. As a result thereof, amputations of parts of the foot / toes were required. The Division of Child and Family Services and the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office investigated this incident and the boy’s mother (Michelle Napolitano) and step father (Francis Napolitano) were arrested on charges of inflicting serious injury on a child.

While parents are not held to the standards of doctors and other health care professionals, parents have a duty to act timely and in a reasonable manner. Often times, parents ignore the needs of their children for whatever reason or no reason at all. Small children need guidance and proper supervision from parents. Typically, a 7 year old child is not going to know who to set up a doctor’s appointment, arrange for transportation, or otherwise get the help he needs without assistance from a responsible parent or adult.

You can read more about this story at Boy Has to Have Parts of Fee Amputated – Parents Charged.

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