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Vermont Home Day Care Center – 5 People Arrested – Drugs – Cocaine and Marijuana Seized by Law Enforcement

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Five people were arrested in a Vermont home that operated as day care center. Police seized cocaine and marijuana plants from the home operated day care. The day care center’s operator, Kelly Vitagliano, was arrested. Vitagliano was ordered to appear in court to answer criminal charges of cocaine possession. The other four people involved with this incident face charges of drug possession and drug sale. Police affidavits detail a three month investigation that led to the seizure of the cocaine and marijuana plants. Vitagliano’s day care license has been suspended. The day care center supervised at least four children.

The evidence and affidavits should be reviewed by each side in order to determine how the case will be prosecuted / defended. While there appears to be a good bit of physical evidence to support the charges, each of the Defendants will be entitled to a public defender or a criminal defense attorney as to these charges.

Day care centers should be a place of safety and good supervision for children. Drug dealing or drug use near, and especially in front of, children has dangerous consequences. Day care providers have a legal duty to children under their care to provide for the children’s safety and welfare while enrolled in the child care center. Day care providers should take all reasonable efforts to do what is in the best interest of the child.

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