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Video Surveillance and Evidence Shows Two Adults Provided Alcohol to Teen Who Overdosed and Died in Lebanon, Missouri

By Joseph R. Hillebrand Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Investigators have turned over video surveillance and other evidence showing that two adults provided alcohol to a minor who later died from an alcohol overdose. Perry McClenahan, age 16, died from an alcohol overdose on April 18, 2009. Perry and other minors were provided with alcohol by adults. The minors attended Lebanon High School. Video surveillance from the store where the alcohol was purchased along with the receipt will serve as evidence in an expected criminal prosecution of this matter.

Why is there a minimum drinking age in place?

Why should both minors and adults follow the law?

What are the dangers of providing alcohol to minors?

There are basic questions that really should not be questioned by any thinking adult. Teens often times lack the judgment to deal with the safe consumption of alcohol. Combine age, inexperience, and peer pressure and you get a deadly combination that can lead and does lead to alcohol related deaths in Missouri and other States. You can read more about this story at Adults in Lebanon, Missouri Suspected of Buying Alcohol for Underage High School Students.

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