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Washington Child Expected to Survive Despite Being Subjected to Horrible Child Abuse

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A Spokane Washington child is expected to survive according to authorities despite being subjected to horrible child abuse and neglect. It was previously reported that doctors did not expect this child to survive. Some how, this child found the strength to hold on despite being a victim of flagrant child abuse at the hands of her father according to allegations made by police / prosecutors. Skyelynn Jamison is being treated at Sacred Heart Medical Center. According to Spokane Police, hospital officials are reporting that her condition is improving and she is expecting to survive. While she is surviving, it appears that she has suffered permanent life long injuries. She is on ventilator and is brain dead or has severe brain damage according to court documents. You can read more about this story at Baby Expected to Survive Horrible Child Abuse.

How did this child suffer such horrific injuries? According to the story posted at KREM.COM, her father allegedly choke and smother her when she cried. In Washington State, a parent needs to take a test to get a driver’s license but does not need to take a test or even take a class to be a parent. Unfortunately and tragically for this child, she was the subject of severe and brutal child abuse just for crying and being a typically baby.

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