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What are the Dangers of Unanchored Furniture in Homes, Day Care Centers, and Schools?

Dresser-Tipping-Danger-191x300There is a common danger in homes, day care centers, and schools.  What would often appear as a safe environment really is not.  The danger presents itself in the form of unanchored furniture.  This danger can lead to serious personal injuries and even the death of a child. When furniture is manufactured and distributed, there should be an expectation on the part of the manufacturers, distributors, and retail stores that this very items will be placed in homes, day care centers, and schools where children may be present. As such, it is important that the furniture if manufactured in a way that makes the furniture safe and steady rather than a hazard in which a terrible tragedy could happen on any given day.

It has been reported by Consumer Product Safety Commission that over 300,000 furniture chests were recalled after a child was killed by an unanchored chest. It is reported that as many as 70 children every day are injured by fallen furniture and, every two weeks, fallen furniture results in the death of one child. Chests, desks, and cabinets can tip over if a child climbs on it and the piece is not secured or made properly. However, it’s not just climbing that can result in danger. In some cases, a piece of furniture can fall over if too many drawers are open.

The responsibility falls upon the manufacturer of the furniture to ensure that, even if unanchored, their pieces do not actively pose a danger to children. Some articles of furniture come pre-weighted so that consumers do not have to weight it to make it more safe. There is also a responsibility that on the part of the distributors and retail stores, like Target and Walmart. If distributors and retailers are aware of any past injustices or injuries caused by a certain manufacturer’s furniture, they should refrain from distributing them. The ultimate responsibility belongs to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC. They decide what products get recalled and when. If unweighted furniture seriously injures or kills one child, the CPSC should take action as quickly as possible to get it out of people’s homes.

Still, as a parent, teacher, or owner of a day care, there are some things you can do to ensure your furniture is safe. If you have purchased cabinets or chests that have been recalled, return them as soon as possible to avoid danger. While buying furniture, look up the manufacturer and check to see if any of their pieces have resulted in the serious injury or death of a child. When you buy a dresser or television, be sure to anchor it using straps or weights just to be safe. If your child is injured or killed as the result of unweighted furniture, contact a Child Injury Lawyer for a consultation or legal representation.

Attorney David Wolf is a child injury attorney and a child safety advocate who has handled and co-counseled cases throughout the United States. He handles child injury and personal injury cases throughout the State of Florida. He is the author of 12 books including the book titled – The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know. You can get this book for free at The ABCs of Child Injury. David Wolf provides a Free Consultation on all child injury and personal injury cases.

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