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What are the Rights of a Child Injured as a Passenger on School Bus or Day Care Center Van?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


During both the school year and summer time, children are transported by school buses and day care center vans. If a child is injured while being transported, what are the rights of the injured child? There are a few factors to consider regarding these personal injuries:

1. The injured child may have a cause of action or a claim against the at-fault driver and / or owner of the at-fault vehicle.

2. There may be more than one driver at fault for the accident or the crash. This may then present for a case against multiple parties.

3. There may be some restrictions if the at fault driver or owner of the at fault vehicle is a government entity.

4. The value of a case is dependent on a number of factors including the severity of the injuries, extent of the medical bills, amount of insurance coverage, number of claimants, and other factors.

Depending on the applicable State laws in effect, a case may be presented as the government entity if it was a public school driver who was at fault for the accident. Many States have restrictions and limitations against government lawsuits. If another driver is involved, there may be issues about insurance coverage. These are just a few of many factors that are considered regarding child injuries following a school bus accident or day care center van accident.

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