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What Kind of Research Can Parents Conduct As to a Day Care Center? (State of Tennessee)

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


When deciding on the selection of a day care center OR when deciding on the continuation of care with a day care center, a parent should do his or her homework. This includes checking with the local State agency that licenses and regulates day care centers to find out the following:

The type of license held by the day care center;

The capacity of the day care center;

The staff in place at the day care center;

The training of the staff at the day care center; and

Violations of the day care center.

In the State of Tennessee, the Department of Human Services provides information to parents online as to the prior violations of day care centers licensed in the State of Tennessee. This information can provide parents some guidance and direction as to the choice of child care providers. See Day Care Center Violations – State of Tennesee Website.

A parent should ask the day care center operator questions as to its license, prior inspections, and staffing. A day care center should be evaluated on the whole rather than one incident; however, if there is a pattern of violations or ones that put the children in danger, a parent should consider these factors in deciding on the placement or the continued placement of a child for day care services.

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